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Skype Resource Center


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Vosky Chatterbox for Skype Speakerphone for Internet Calling.

USB Internet Phone with Skype.

Reconditioned Compaq Evo D510c Tower (P4 2.0 Ghz 512mb Xp Pro).

Anycom CC3095-43 Voice Over IP Easy Hands-Free PC Phone Bundle.

Linksys Cordless Internet Telephony Kit for Skype CIT200.

Skype Is Ripe All Right, by Heinz Dinter.

Hacking Skype, by Russell Shaw.

Skype Hacks: Tips & Tools for Cheap, Fun, Innovative Phone Service, by Andrew Sheppard .

Skype Me!: From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond, by Michael Gough, Bill Campbell (foreward), Joshua Brashars (contributor), and Dan Douglass (contributor).

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 23, 2020