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Skype Resource Center


Skype Premium Services and Features
Skype Email Toolbar
Organize your Skype and Microsoft Outlook contacts together using the Skype Email Toolbar. Call Skype contacts who email you and use SkypeOut to call your Outlook contacts who aren’t using Skype.
Skype Zones
Access Skype and make calls from over 18,000 Internet hot spots worldwide with Skype Zones. Currently available in beta for Windows only.
Comments and Announcements
Comments and announcements.
Skype Store
Order premium services, voicemail, accessories, personalized ring tones and pictures at the Skype store
Knowledgebase (FAQ)
Search the Knowledgebase (FAQ) for help with the Skype toolbars.
Outlook Toolbar Change Log
Skype Toolbar for Outlook Change Log lists all of the added features, changes and bug fixes.
Skype Web Toolbar
Download the Skype Web Toolbar to search for phone numbers and Skype Names on the Web. Call the number with just one click.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 23, 2020