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Skype Security Articles
"Say Hello To the Skype Trojan"
Article entitled, “Say Hello to the Skype Trojan,” discusses how virus writers are targeting Skype.
“Skype Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities”
Article entitled “Skype Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities.”
"Skype Uncovered: Security Study of Skype"
Slide presentation entitled “Skype Uncovered: Security Study of Skype.”
"Getting Skittish about Skype"
Article entitled “Getting Skittish About Skype: Security Questions have Some Companies Steering Clear of the Internet Phone Service.”
"Scramble to Fix Skype Security Bug"
Article entitled “Scramble to Fix Skype Security Bug” discusses two bugs that were discovered that could crash Skype and allow hackers access to take over systems.
"Skype Could Pose Security Problems for Companies",10801,105760,00.html
Article entitled “Skype Could Pose Security Problems for Companies, Analysts Say:
Two Flaws in the Telephony Software Were Disclosed This Week.”

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