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Skype Resource Center


Third-Party Tools, Applications and Hardware for Skype
Voicemail and Delayed Messaging
Free voicemail and delayed messaging for Skype.
Hardware the connects your PC to your home phone so you can make free calls to Skype users.
Skype Removal Software
Software allows network administrators to remotely remove Skype software from an entire network.
Phone that can used for Skype and normal land-line calls.
PMC Telecom
Find phones and headsets for use with Skype.
Cordless Skype Phone
Cordless Linksys Skype phone allows you to receive Skype calls anywhere in your home.
Social Networking
Social networking site helps you meet people using Skype.
Skype Button
Download Skype buttons for Wordpress  to add a Skype button on your Web site, blog or email signature so others can contact you with just one click.
Send SMS messages to any GSM mobile phone.
Calling Over IM
Video call and voice call users on any IM service.
Video Capability
Free video capabilities for Skype users.
Other Mail Extensions
Extension that enables you to call contacts from Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail.
Virtual Reception
Virtual company receptionist answers incoming calls with a professional voice, asks the name of a person or department to contact and directs the call to the appropriate person. Uses speech recognition technology.
Character Animation
Customizable emotive facial animation tool enables you to create Skype characters from a digital photo.
Kishkish Mobile
Receive calls on your mobile phone as well as your computer.
Kishkish Answering Machine
Answering machine application for use with Skype
Kishkish Phonebook

Application for Skype that enables users to organize callers (personal, business, etc.), form groups, set alerts and set up conference calls.

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Update :: January 23, 2020