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Web Servers Resource Center

Web Servers Articles
Help Secure Web and Outlook Web Access Servers
"Help Secure Web and Outlook Web Access Servers," from Microsoft TechNet. Discusses protecting servers from evolving types of Internet attacks, the URLScan 2.5 for ISA server, controlling access to servers with improved authentication, the RSA SecurID authentication and the delegation for RSA securID and basic authentication.
The Truth About Servers
"The Truth About Servers," by Aaron Weiss. Discusses web server basics, the application server, wireless application servers, proxy servers, e-mail servers, DHCP server software, FTP servers and FAX servers.
Creating Good Websites: Web Servers
"Creating Good Websites: Web Servers," from Leafdigital. Discusses web server software, web server hardware, hyperText transfer protocol (HTTP), requests, responses, requesting a simple web page, and complexities (such as clients, servers, multiple sites).
Web Servers
"It Trends: Web Servers," by Brian Glass. Discusses reasons for having your own web server; Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache and their features, security, installation, publishing, applications and future web technologies.
Comparison of Web Server Software
Wikipedia's comparison of web server software. Overviews the following servers: the Abyss Web Server, the AOL server, the Apache HTTP server, Apache Tomcat, Boa, Cherokee HTTP server, Fastrteam IQ Web/FTP server, HTTP File server, IBM HTTP server, Jigsaw, Koala web server, MyServer, the Oracle HTTP server, the Zeus web server and many more. Discusses the features and operating system support for the various web servers.
MySQL Cluster: Two Web Server Setup
"How to Set Up a MySQL Cluster for Two Servers," by Alex Davies. Discusses installing MySQL on the first two servers, installing the configuration and management server, configuring the storage/SQL servers and starting MySQL, the management server, starting the stopping the ndbd automatically, use of hostnames, adding storage nodes, adding SQL nodes, changing the config.ini and security.
U.S. Servers Slurp More Power than Mississippi
"U.S. Servers Slurp More Power than Mississippi," by Stephen Shankland. Discusses such statistics as the number of kilowatt-hours it took to cool servers in the U.S in 2005, the estimated world server power consumption for 2005 and the estimated growth rates over the next several years.
"How Web Servers Work"
"How Web Servers Work," by Marshall Brain. Discusses how web servers work, the basic process, behind the scenes, the Internet, clients and servers, name servers, ports, protocols, putting it all together, security and dynamic pages.
Web Server Definition
Definition and explanation of web servers from Wikipedia. Also discusses common features, origin of returned content, path translation, performance, load limits (overload causes, overload symptoms and anti-overload techniques), historical information, software and statistics.
What is Web server?
"What is Web server?" from the Webopedia Computer Dictionary. Discusses web pages, IP addresses, domain names, browsers, servers, software, the Internet, packages (from Microsoft and Netscape) and how web servers work.
Protect Your Web Servers with SSL
"Protect Your Web Servers with SSL," by Deb Shinder. Discusses encrypting communications between a web server and clients, using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), how SSL works, how to enable SSL in Internet Information Services (IIS) web servers, how to implement SSL and testing the SSL connection.
Setting Up a Server
"Setting Up a Server," by David Lohr. Discusses how to configure an GNU/Linux-based server, installing and configuring Apache, installing and configuring MySQL, installing and configuring PHP, installing and configuring Postfix, optimization techniques for better performance, and Apache benefits (including support, efficiency, portability and customization).

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