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Web TV 101
"Web TV 101," from Discusses building broadcast websites, broadcasting technologies, Internet protocol TV (IPTV), mobile TV (M-TV), wireless IP TV (WiTV), core broadcasting website processes, repurposing, editing content, distribution, streaming, unicast, multicast, peer-to-peer systems, customer environment, quality of service and Web 2.0 impacts.
Social Media Search and More
Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple consulting and founder of Moving Traffic, Inc., interviews Robert Scoble, author of the Scobleizer blog. Topics include social media search, networking of information, identifying topics that will get good audience reactions, Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku, Kyte.TV, new technologies (e.g., iPhone), standards, information processing problems, advertising, negatives in the social media world, Yahoo Answers, YouTube and Google.

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Update :: January 23, 2020