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Web Servers Resource Center

Web Servers Forums
Setting Up a Server
"Setting Up a Server," from Linux Forums. Discusses how to configure and install a GNU/Linux-based server on Apache, MySQL, PHP and Postfix.
Installing TUX Web Server
"Installing TUX Web Server (aka Red Hat Content Accelerator) on Interworx Servers [Archive]," from InterWorx. Discusses installing TUX, reconfiguring Apache, ports and virtual hosts, tuning, setting up directories, testing, view logs, debugging and reference pages.
Web Hosting Discussion
Web Hosting Discussion forums located on the WebHostingTalk site. Topics include the web hosting, dedicated servers, co-location, virtual private servers (VPS), reseller hosting, managed hosting, emerging technologies, technical and security issues, programming, hosting software, running a web hosting business and web design and content.

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