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Web Servers Resource Center

Web Servers Sample Chapters
Apache: The Number One Web Server
“Apache: The Number One Web Server,” from Apache Server 2 Bible, by Mohammed J. Kabir (March 2002). Discusses Apache’s modular design, free open source technology, works with Perl, PHP and other scripting languages, runs on Linux, Unix systems and Windows; history and Apache features.
Introduction to Web Servers
“Introduction to Web Servers,” from Administrating and Securing the Apache Server, by Ashok Appu (October 2002). Discusses basic concepts of networking software, IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, name resolution, ports, sockets, protocol, understanding how web servers work, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), static vs. dynamic pages and the types of web servers available.
Introduction to Apache
“Introduction to Apache,” from Apache Server 2.0: The Complete Reference, by Ryan B. Bloom (June 2002). Discusses what Apache is, how web servers work, browsers, requests and responses.
Microsoft Internet information Services (IIS)
“Introduction,” from Microsoft Internet information Services (IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit
“Web Security Threats”
Sample chapter: “Web Security Threats,” from IIS Security, by Marty Jost (July 2002). Discusses security incidents, sources, incident categories (denial of service, hacking and cracking), social and physical attacks and network attacks.

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