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How Wikis are Used
TaxAlmanac Wiki
The TaxAlmanac wiki is a free tax research resource and community. Includes discussion forums, articles, a tax research library, forms and publications, code, regulations and more. The site won the Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award for using Wiki technology to provide a free tax research community portal where tax professionals can find help and assist others.
"Patent Review Goes Wiki"
Article: "Patent Review Goes Wiki" by Nicholas Varchaver for Fortune Magazine (August 16 2006). Discusses how the vast numbers of patent applications are making the patent application process cumbersome, and how using a wiki to manage the information may soon become a reality.
"Gettin' Wiki Wit It"
Article: "Gettin' Wiki Wit It: A New Online Tool Allows Workers to Collaborate Quickly and Easily," by Andy Opsahl (October 2006). Discusses the use of wikis by the US Government. Topics include the federal approach, community applications, customizing applications, educational wikis and government wikis.

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