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Wiki Conferences
Wikimania 2006
Wikimania 2006 was held August 4-6 in Cambridge, MA. Visit this site to learn more about the conference and to access the audio and video archives of the conference proceedings. Sessions discussed using wiki systems as information back-ends for e-learning applications, collective intelligence for knowledge technospaces, subcultural capital in a collaborative writing project, contribution patterns among active Wikipedians, how social production transforms markets and freedom, application of the wiki model for collaborative drafting in foreign affairs, free knowledge and access to information, wikis as a revolutionary force in education, a collaborative geographical map building system, Wikimedia projects as a teaching tool, using wiki systems as information back-ends for e-learning applications and more.
Wikimania 2007
Wikimania 2007
Taipei, Taiwan
Wikimania 2007 is the third annual Wikimedia conference. Wikimania serves as a scientific conference and a community event where members of the Wikimedia projects can discusses the Wikimedia projects and other wiki projects, share ideas, and more.
WikiSym 2006
WikiSym 2006: 2006 International Symposium on Wikis. This conference was held August 21-23 in Odense, Denmark. Visit this site to check out the conference proceedings, the conference wiki and more. Sessions and keynotes included "How and Why Wikipedia Works," "The Augmented Wiki," "Intimate Information," "Design Principles of Wiki," "Wikis in Education," and "The Future of Wikis." Papers presented at the conference discusses wiki technology, wiki sociology and philosophy, wiki uses (in software, education and politics) and more. Workshops discussed wikis in education, Wikipedia research, wiki markup standards, and wikis and the semantic web
WikiSym 2007
WikiSym 2007: 2007 International Symposium on Wikis
Location and date TBD. For more informatin, news and announcements about the conference, visit this site to sign up for the mailing list. subscribe to the wikisym-announce mailing list.

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