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Wikis Resource Center


Wiki Forums and Newsgroups
KMBloggers Forum
KMBloggers forum on Yahoo! Groups is a community of knowledge management bloggers who use blogs, wikis and other social software to discuss knowledge management. Members are encouraged to share their blog address with the group. Members also use KMWiki for structured collaboration.
LinkedIn Bloggers Forum
LinkedIn Bloggers forum on Yahoo! Groups discusses how blogging, podcasting, vlogging (video blogging) and wikis can help LinkedIn users with their professional networking. Questions can also be sent directly to the moderators of the forum.
MegaWiki Forum
MegaWiki forum on Yahoo! Groups allows members to discuss tips, tricks, and ask and answer questions about Palm MegaWiki and other Palm wiki programs. Includes links to an introduction to the Palm MegaWiki, and MegaWiki examples.

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Update :: December 06, 2019