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Wiki Software
BizWiki by CustomerVision is a hosted enterprise wiki platform for collaboration and web publishing. It is easy for anyone to create pages and publish collaborative content without any programming. Site includes an overview of BizWiki, features list, a list of differentiators (features that set it apart from the competition), a description of the technology behind it and more.
MediaWiki is a free wiki tool that was originally written for Wikipedia, and is now used for many Wikimedia Foundation projects and numerous other wikis. Site includes downloads, documentation, FAQs, help, forums, a change log and more.
Socialtext is a secure, scalable, enterprise wiki. It allows users to collaborate on the same web pages. There is a hosted service and a hardware/software appliance that can be installed behind the firewall. Various levels are available including enterprise, professional and personal. There is also an open source version available. Visit the site for a product tour, feature list, customer stories, support and more.
TiddlyWiki is a free, open source wiki written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and runs on virtually any browser. Features include rich formatting, various interfaces, RSS feed generation, customizable CSS style sheets, multiple translations, community generated plugins and more.
JotSpot (which was acquired by Google) is a wiki application that features WYSIWYG editing, add-on applications, advanced search capabilities, email integration and more. The service is free for personal use (up to five users and 10 pages). There are multiple monthly pricing levels for larger personal and enterprise wikis.
Confluence is a for-sale enterprise wiki application that features enterprise security, easy installation and management, WYSIWYG interface, tools for configuring and searching a wiki, advanced professional features, an open API for extension and integration and more. Site includes news and announcements, downloads, plugins, support, forums, mailing lists, a feature tour, product demos and more.
Oddmuse is a free wiki application. Features include easy installation, customization, multilingual sites, CSS compatibility and more. Site includes installation instructions for Windows, Unix and Mac. Includes an introduction to wikis and Oddmuse, examples, instructions for using the various features, troubleshooting information, security information, recommended extensions and more.
Kwiki is a modular, extensible Wiki that allows users to create and edit web pages easily. The software, written in Perl, is open source and available on CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network). Visit this site for help files, to learn more about the philosophy behind Kwiki's modular design, a list of Kwiki plugins, downloads, features list, bug reports, news, documentation, a FAQ and more.
PmWiki is a wiki-based collaboration tool that allows users to modify web pages and add new web pages to a site easily. Access can be public or restricted. Features include customizable site skins and HTML templates, access control (for the entire site or portions of the site), and customization and plugin architecture. It is available under the GNU General Public License.
MoinMoin is a free, open source, extensible wiki licensed under the GNU GPL1. Visit the site for downloads, a feature list, FAQs, forums, mailing lists, to learn about the latest developments, get the latest news and more. Site includes a brief history of wikis and the etymology of wiki.
TWiki is an enterprise collaboration platform and knowledge management system for project development, document management and more. Web applications can be created easily in Twiki, and you can extend the functionality using plugins. Visit the site for downloads, documentation, articles, features lists and more.
The WikiMatrix compares the numerous wikis available. Use the Choice Wizard to select the functionality you need, then compare the appropriate wikis side-by-side. Get help from other users and wiki developers in the forums.
Wiki Software Tools
List of wiki software tools by language/technology including Java, Lisp, Windows, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Includes links to each tool, plus a link to a wiki feature comparison chart that will help you find the tools with the functionality you need.
Collaborative Software Tools
List of free, open source collaborative software tools. Categories include groupware (client server solutions and web-based solutions), project collaboration, wiki software and editors. Includes a chart comparing the functionality of the tools. Also includes a list of proprietary collaborative software tools.
Collaboration Software Wiki
Wikipedia entry for collaboration software. Discusses how collaborative software (such as mail, chat, calendars and wikis) is used to help the community achieve common goals. Topics include an overview of collaboration software, the three levels of collaboration (electronic communication tools, electronic conferencing tools and collaborative management tools), implementation, voting methods and more.

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