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Wikis Resource Center


Meta-Wiki coordinates all of the Wikimedia Foundation projects. Learn more about what is going on with the projects in recent months, changes, making donations to the Wikimedia project and more.
Wikisource is library of free content generated and maintained by the community. Categories include fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, speeches, collected, ancient, medieval and modern. You can also search by authors (alphabetically or by era), genre, subject, type and for audio works.
Wikiquote is a free online collection of quotations from notable people and creative works. Search for quotes by category including films, literary works, occupations, proverbs, television shows, themes, electronic games and mnemonics.
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons is a repository for freely licensed photos, diagrams, animations, music, video and more. Wikimedia Commons currently includes over 970,000 files and 48,000 collections. Anyone may copy, use and modify the files as long the source is credited and the user makes their copies/improvements available with GNU Free Documentation License.
Wikispecies is a free, open directory of species. Species covered include animalia, plantae, fungi, bacteria, archaea, protista, and more. There are currently over 79,000 articles. Visit the main page to sign up at the Wikispecies mailing list, check out the Village pump where you can discuss the project with others, find areas that need developments within the site, check out the FAQ and more.
Wikinews is a free, open content news site where the community contributes the stories based on personal experience or summarized from other sources. Search for news stories by topics including crime and law, culture and entertainment, disasters and accidents, economy and business, education, environment, health, politics and conflicts, science and technology, sports and "wackynews." You can also search for stories by region.
Wikiversity is a community where you can find information or ask questions about a subject. Share your knowledge with others, or go there to learn. Search by subjects and schools including engineering and technology, fine arts, humanities, interdisciplinary studies, life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and practical arts and sciences.
Wikibooks, a sister project of Wikipedia, is a collection of free, open content textbooks. Anyone in the community can edit the books. There are currently over 22,000 modules in over 1000 textbooks. Search for books by topic including humanities and arts, social sciences, computing, natural sciences and miscellaneous. Wikijunior includes full-color books for children ages 8 to 11. Wikistudy includes textbooks for specific syllabi and academic exams. Wikiprofessional includes textbooks for professionals, including books for professional or vocational exams.
Wiktionary is a free, collaborative, multilingual wiki dictionary and thesaurus. It includes definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotes, synonyms, antonyms and translations. There are currently over 300,000 entries in 389 languages. Anyone in the community can start or edit a page.
Wikipedia is the most recognized wiki on the web. It serves as an open, free encyclopedia for virtually any subject. Topics include arts and culture, biography, geography, history, natural sciences, mathematics, technology, philosophy, religion and more. On the main page you will find the latest news, recent articles, featured pictures, links to related projects in Wikipedia and more.
Wikipedia Tutorial
Wikipedia tutorial. Topics include editing a page, formatting (using Wikitext and Wiki-markup), Wikipedia links (linking Wikipedia articles together), external links, talk pages (where you can discuss articles and other issues with others in the community), things to keep in mind when editing in Wikipedia and more.

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