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Wikis: Collaboration, Corruption and the Self Correcting Nature
"Do you Wiki?"
Blog entry: "Do you Wiki?" by David Orr from the Better Business Communication: Tips & Techniques blog. Discusses how anyone can create or edit an article on Wikipedia, and thus over time the articles can become more accurate and robust because of the multiple sources and self-correcting nature of wikis.
Visit to learn how to prevent wiki and blog spam. Discusses a few things you can do to prevent spam attacks on your wiki. Suggestions include monitoring the recent changes feature in your wiki software so you can locate and remove spam manually, do not allow search engines to index your "Page History" or "Recent Revisions" pages, use a blacklist (available at this site and others) to find known spammers, write to the ISPs and hosts of spammers to notify them of the abuses, and link to this site so others are notified about the spammers. Site includes news, a list of known spammers, resources, articles and more.
"The Wiki Effect"
Article: "The Wiki Effect: Wikipedia Relies on 'Community,' a Notion that's Beginning to Carry the Weight and Promise of 'Expertise'," by Matthew Battles for the Boston Globe (December 18, 2005). Discusses some recent problems at Wikipedia as a result of false postings by the community.
"It's a Wiki, Wiki World",9171,1066904,00.html
Article: "It's a Wiki, Wiki World: Want to Add Your 2 Cents to an Encyclopedia? Join the Crowd," by Chris Taylor for Time Magazine (June 6, 2005). Discusses Wikipedia, the free, open-content encyclopedia that is edited and created by the community.

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