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Windows Vista Resource Center


Windows Vista Articles
Tour of the Microsoft Command Shell
Article: "A guided tour of the Microsoft Command Shell," by Ryan Paul. Discusses an introduction to .NET, MSH syntax, values and data structures, cmdlets, object orientation, conditionals, loops and iteration, SQL-inspired syntax, regular expressions, the .NET API in MSH, and importing and exporting data.
Vista Gadgets Contest
Enter a contest to develop gadgets for the Vista operating system.
ClearType Font Collection
Article: "The Next Big Thing in Online Type," by Anne Van Wagener. Discusses the new ClearType font collection to help making reading text on a computer screen easier. There are 332 links to this site.
IconUtils 4.0 Suite
Press Release: "New Package Finds, Edits and Manages Icons, Supports New Microsoft Vista Icons," discusses the IconUtils 4.0 a suite of tools that allows users to manage, edit and custom design icons on their computers.
Volume Analytics: Microsoft Vista’s View of Busine
Article: "Volume Analytics: Microsoft Vista’s View of BI (business intelligence)," by Guy Creese. Discusses the changes Microsoft made in their new operating system in such areas as graphics, .NET and file systems.
Intel’s VIIV (for Digital Entertainment)
Article: "Intel’s VIIV (designed for digital entertainment), Microsoft Vista, satisfying unbridled greed?" by Sander Sasses. Discusses digital rights management for music and video.
Monad Shell Feature,aid,122145,00.asp
Article: "Microsoft Cuts Windows Vista Feature," by Robert McMillan. Discusses the need to remove the Monad Shell feature of the new operating system because it would be attractive to hackers. The feature allows users to access the operating system using text-based commands.
Vista Build 5270 Review: Part 4
Article: "Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review Part 4: Wrapping Up," by Paul Thurrot. Gives Thurrot’s assessment of Vista.
Vista Build 5270 Review: Part 3
Article: "Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review Part 3: New Features," by Paul Thurrot. Discusses the new security measures and encryption, parental control tools, Super Fetch improvements for caching and performance, improvements to the firewall, and power management with a sleep feature.
Vista Build 5270 Review: Part 1
Article: "Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review Part 1: Setup and User Interface," by Paul Thurrot. Discusses the improved setup routine, the new Start button, the new Start menu and  improvements to the user interface.
Vista Build 5270 Review: Part 2
Article: "Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review Part 2: Bundled Applications," by Paul Thurrot. Discusses Windows Defender the anti-spyware tool, DVD maker HD, Windows Mail (the new version of Outlook Express), Windows Calendar and Windows Backup. Also discusses Windows Collaboration—a peer-to-peer application that allows 1-10 Vista users to work together remotely, improvements to Internet Explorer with IE7.
Windows Vista FAQ
Article: "Windows Vista FAQ," by Paul Thurrott. The topics discussed range from how the operating system got its name, what WinFS is, the .NET framework, .NET CLR and many other frequently asked questions.
Vista Build 5270,1895,1904203,00.asp
Article: "Inside Windows Vista, Build 5270," by John Clyman. Discusses improvements in such areas as security, performance and the user interface.
Vista Features For Developers,1895,1872067,00.asp
Article: "Microsoft Reveals More of Vista,: by John Clyman. Discusses Vista features for directed to developers. Topics include Windows Media Player 11, IE7, and additions to security.
Early Look at Windows Vista
Article: "Early look at Windows Vista shows promise," by Matthew Fordahl. Discusses the new operating system and some of its new features such as how it organizes and finds information. You can use the mini search boxes to search without having to return to a Start menu.
Windows XP and Vista b5270 (Build 5270) Side-by-Si
Article: "Windows XP and Vista b5270 (Build 5270) Side-by-Side," by Andy. Discusses Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail, games, Calendar, Windows Defender (formerly, AntiSpyware), the control panel, favorites, Internet Explorer 7, MyMusic, media center, Windows Media Player 11, search capabilities, Computer (formerly My Computer), Window management features and the Start Menu.
Discussion with Jim Allchin, VP for Vista
Article: "Jim Allchin Talks Window’s Vista," from Paul Thurrott’s Super Site for Windows. This is a discussion with Jim Allchin, Microsoft, Vice President who is responsible for the Vista operating system. Among the topics discussed are security, the user experience, mobility, Internet, and the Longhorn server.
Microsoft to Ship All OS Bits With Every Version o
Article: "Microsoft to Ship All OS Bits With Every Version of Vista," by Paula Rooney. When users pay for additional features, they can "unlock" them by using electronic keys supplied by Microsoft.
TCP/IP Stack in Windows Vista and Windows Server
Article: "Next Generation TCP/IP Stack in Windows Vista and Windows Server ‘Longhorn,’" by The Cable Guy. Discusses features and architecture of the next generation TCP/IP stack.
Windows Vista Overview
Article: "Windows PE 2.0 for Windows Vista Overview," by Tony Northrup. Discusses installing Windows Vista, troubleshooting, recovery, using Windows PE (pre-installation environment) for installation, customized Windows Vista installations, Windows PE and the Windows Imaging format, using Windows PE for troubleshooting, Windows PE technology, Windows PE limitations and comparing Windows PE 2.0 to earlier technologies.

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