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Windows Vista Resource Center


Windows Vista Blogs
Blog: Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
The blog for Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist, at Microsoft.
Windows Vista Team Blog
Windows Vista Team Blog. Members of the Windows Vista team blog about the development process. Includes feedback from Microsoft's partners and customers, thoughts from the Windows Vista team, and insight into how Vista came to be in its present form. Includes a photo gallery from recent events.
Blog: Why do I need Vista?!1pRsSVBaAuwgFSti-clSJ6Ng!362.entry
A blog that answers the question "Why do I need Vista?" It explains Vista’s features.
Blog: Windows Vista Lounge
"The Windows Vista Lounge" is a blog that discusses the improvements to the Windows operating system that have been incorporated into Vista. It also discusses installing and working with the new operating system.
Blog: Internet Explorer (IE) Team

The Internet Explorer (IE) team blog.

Blog: Sean Alexander,category,Windows%20Vista.aspx
The blog for Sean Alexander, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.
Blog; Windows eHome Team
The blog of Matt Goyer, Windows eHome Team, Program Manager.
Blog: Windows XP Media Center Edition
The blog for Charlie Owen, Windows eHome (Windows XP Media Center Edition) Team, Manager.

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