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Windows Vista Resource Center


Windows Vista Developer Resources
"Going Deep Inside Window Vista’s Kernel"
Video: "Going Deep Inside Window Vista’s Kernel." This is an interview with Rob Short and the kernel development team.
Why to Use Vista
Learn why you should develop on the Windows Vista platform. Get started with Windows Vista webcasts including:
  • Web Developement with Windows Vista Internet Information Services 7.0
  • Best Practices for User Account Control in Windows Vista
  • Open Document Specifications in Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System
  • Tips and Tricks for Developing Applications That Target Key Native APIs in Windows Vista
  • Creating Gadgets for Windows SideShow in Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista Sync Center for Windows Mobile Developers
  • Using and Creating Gadgets for Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista
  • Consuming Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Data from Your Applications for Windows Vista
  • An In-Depth Look at Collaboration Features in Windows Vista
  • Overview of Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) Development for Windows Vista
Get Home Earlier with Windows Vista
Article: "Get Home Earlier with Windows Vista: Windows Vista offers systems engineers, deployment engineers, and support center operators a possibility of life outside of work," by Tony Northrup. Topics include easier engineering, easier deployment, fewer support center calls and easier troubleshooting.
Windows Vista Tech Center

The Windows Vista Tech Center is a resource for IT professionals using (or evaluating) Windows Vista. Topics include:

  • Product Evaluation: Overviews, product overviews, step-by-step guides, key features and more.
  • Planning and Architecture
  • Deploying Windows Vista
  • Security and Protection
  • Management and Operations
Windows Vista Developer Site
Windows Vista Developer site includes Vista webcasts, tutorials, virtual labs, technologies, application compatibility information, the Windows SDK, the Windows Vista User Experience Guide, downloads, community resources (forums and newsgroups) and more.

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