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Alert Services Resource Center
Alert services can help you get the personal, business and professional news and information you want, when you want it. They can provide you with breaking news reports, help you in a medical emergency, inform you of a job posting, notify you of a new book by your favorite author, provide travel updates, warn of software security problems, let you know about updates for computer programs, tell you of a new Amber Alert for missing children, notify you when your bank balance is low, keep you posted on stock prices, update you on the scores of sporting events and more. Our Alert Services Resource Center includes links to numerous alert services available online.
      Check out the news alert services from CNN, Yahoo, the Department of Homeland Security, AOL and others. Learn about CBS’s subscription service for mobile phones that sends text, audio and video to your wireless devices. Check out alert systems that notify you of storms in your area or on your travel route. Check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble alerts to receive updates on the latest book, movie and CD releases. Use eBay alerts to stay informed of the status of an item you are selling, bidding on or watching; special sales or promotions; and changes to their user agreement and policies.
      Check out Microsoft’s alerts including security tips, bulletins and updates, FAQs on security topics, information on trial versions and downloads. Learn how content providers such as Expedia, Fox Sports, McAfee and eBay are using Microsoft Alert Services. Learn how United Airlines uses Microsoft .NET Alerts to notify their customers of changes in their flights, and how the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi uses Microsoft Alerts to notify customers of time-sensitive financial information such as money exchange rates.
      Learn how you can add Microsoft Alerts to your applications with the Microsoft Alerts SDK. Check out Google Alerts, currently available in Beta.
      Check out how Microsoft .NET Customer Solutions uses Microsoft Alerts to help companies generate traffic to their Web sites, increase their customer base and increase advertising revenue. Learn how Microsoft Alerts for Consumers allows you to control which companies contact you.
      Receive Amber Alerts through AOL or a TiVo device attached to your TV. Read about how the Weld County Sheriff's Office uses an automated telephone alert system to get the public's assistance in catching suspects. Learn how alert systems in medicine and healthcare help people in need of medical assistance.

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Update :: January 23, 2020