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Attention Economy
Organization: AttentionTrust. Includes a blog with the latest news on attention-related topics, a wiki where users are encouraged to make postings, and other resources.
Presentation by Seth Goldstein
Blog: Presentation by Seth Goldstein at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (San Diego; March 2006) on the attention economy. Discusses how people are using their attention and on what. Attempts to show what a person's attention is worth in relation to known values such as email addresses, clicks and mortgage leads.
Gilbane Report: The Attention Economy
Blog: Gilbane Report: "The Attention Economy," discusses some of the privacy issues regarding people's attention allocation. Do we want people or companies to know what consumes our attention?
Moore's Law: The Attention Economy
Blog: Moore's Law "The Attention Economy," posted by Dana Blankenhorn, discusses the many devices that compete for our attention. Will this lead to an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) economy.
The Attention Economy
Blog: "The Attention Economy," on Bubblegeneration—a blog that discusses what the Attention Economy is.

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