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Building Web Communities Resource Center


Building Web Communities: Video Sharing Communities is an online video sharing, editing and archiving service. It is free to create, edit and watch your own videos. However there are small monthly fees for sharing your videos on the network and storing your videos in an Stashspace account.
Revver is a video sharing community that allows you to earn money from your videos by attaching ads to the video. Video creators earn money each time a viewer clicks on the ad. Check out the Revver FAQ to learn more about the Revver features, sending videos, the Revver rating system, licenses, viewing videos and more.
Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Search Results
Article: “Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Search Results” announces the partnership between Ask Jeeves and GoFish that enables Ask Jeeves users to browse, listen to and download music, videos, ring tones and more.
GoFish is a free Internet video sharing community. Post and tag your own videos or video blogs (vlogs) and check out what other GoFish members have posted. You can search for videos by recent posts, popularity, highest rated, category, tags, keywords, video titles and member name. Add videos to your blogs, email videos to your friends, rate videos from other members and more.
Vimeo is a video sharing community. Post your own clips or check videos from the community and tag your favorite videos. Check out the videos that Vimeo users recommend. Activity log keeps track of the latest events on the site, including recently posted videos, recently tagged videos and more. Chat with others in the Vimeo community in the general discussion forum.
JumpCut is a video sharing community that allows you to share your videos and use other JumpCut users' media in your own movies. Learn more about the JumpCut features in the FAQ. Read the Quick Guide to learn how to use JumpCut. Learn how to explore, grab, create, remix, publish and share your videos.
ClipShack is a community for video sharing. Users can post videos for anyone to see, restrict the videos to a select group, post videos to their blogs, provide feedback to each other, and more. The basic service is free; subscribers can pay a monthly fee for the ability to upload high-resolution videos. Check out the ClipShack FAQ to learn more about the service and its features.
Sharkle allows you to post and share video clips with the worldwide community. You can create communities with friends and family to share videos amongst yourselves, or make the videos available to everyone. Users can critique videos. A tour of the Sharkle site walks through the general features of Sharkle, uploading videos, watching videos, the Sharkle blog and video blog, and adding Sharkle members to your friends list. Check out the videos available on Sharkle. Videos are arranged by latest videos, most watched, top ranked, staff picks, country of origin, and a random selection. Search for videos on Sharkle by category, including animation, animals, celebrities, embarrassing, home improvement, independent films, karaoke, music videos, practical jokes, travel, video blogging and more. Chat with others in the Sharkle community in the Sharkle forums. Forums include video discussions, help, problems, humor and off-topic. is an Internet video sharing community. Check out videos sorted by popularity, recent posts, undiscovered posts, or check out the random assortment. You can tour the features including uploading, blogging, savings, tags, statistics and movlogging (mobile vlogging). Also check out who is blogging about BlipTV. is an Internet TV channel for European youth; they work together as a community to help create Internet television. Check out the archive of videos, rank and comment on the videos, and more.
Blinkx Gives Users Their RSS TV,aid,121861,00.asp
Article: “Blinkx Gives Users Their RSS TV: Startup indexes search terms, then notifies users when matching content is available.” Subscribe to the RSS channels to be notified each time a new video is available in a particular category.
Blinkx TV Gets Personal
Article: “Blinkx TV Gets Personal” discusses the service that combines video search with personalization features. For example, users can set up custom channels based on keywords to search for all videos, vlogs, etc. on that topic.
Blinkx TV
Blinkx TV is an audio and video search engine. Register your audio and video files so that they are available through the site. Use the Date/Relevance slider to filter out the videos in a certain timeframe, use the safe filter button to eliminate any adult content from your searches, create your own channel to gather videos from your preferred providers, and create custom RSS feeds so that you are notified each time a video that matches your keywords is posted.
Turning Viral Videos into a Net Brand
Interview: "Turning Viral Videos into a Net Brand: Interview with Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, Co-founders, YouTube," by Adam Lashinsky of Fortune Magazine.
YouTube Developer APIs
Access the YouTube developer APIs and check out how others are using the YouTube developer APIs to integrate video into their applications.
YouTube allows the community to share videos through the YouTube site, other sites, blogs and e-mail. You can also tag your favorite videos, join video groups based on your personal hobbies and interests, restrict access to your videos, and integrate your videos on other sites (like your personal blog) using the YouTube APIs. Read the YouTube blog for the latest YouTube news, developments and more. Check out YouTube's mobile video uploads program to learn how you can upload video from your cell phones and PDAs. Check out the videos from the YouTube community. Search by most viewed, most discussed, top rated, top favorites, most linked, recently featured, most recent and more. Search for YouTube videos by category tabs including arts and animation, people, video games, entertainment, news and blogs, comedy, music, sports and more.

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