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Building Web Communities Resource Center


How to Build Web Communities: Tutorials and Webcasts
The Guide to Community Internet
Tutorial: "The Guide to Community Internet," by David Wilcox. Discusses the basics of getting connected, the benefits of getting connected, community benefits of networking, benefits of getting online, family fun and learning on the net, advantages of online advice, opportunities for work and learning, benefits of emails for community business, freedom of speech, censorship, security, and keeping people up to date.
Creating Your Own Portal or Vortal
Tutorial: "Creating Your Own Portal or Vortal," from India Web Designers. Discusses knowing your vision (what you want your portal to look like), looking at other sites to get ideas, concepts and theories of vertical communities, web communication options (including visitor to site, business to business, visitor to visitor, site to visitor, and critical mass), getting the Internet real estate, developing content and design, planning, content development, navigation, graphics, getting feedback, understanding the audience, making modifications, maintenance, and redesign.
Building Online Communities
Tutorial: “Building Online Communities," by Megan Prusynski. Discusses what a community is, why people join web communities, why building a web community is a challenge, different ways to communicate on the web, your audience, the design of the site, setting up the technology, site requirements (rules), the importance of the host, and planning for growth.

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Update :: January 17, 2020