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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Benefits of Community Generated Content
"Social Networking Goes to Work"
Article: "Social Networking Goes to Work" by Cara Wood. Discusses a new networking feature from Information Technology Toolbox, Inc., that creates a community where profiles, ideas, and articles can be shared.
"Blogging Between the Lines"
Article: "Blogging Between the Lines" by Dana Hull. Discusses how mainstream media (such as newspapers) are using blogs, from staff and the general public, as a source of news and stories, and how many newspapers are also hosting blogs from freelancers on a wide variety of subjects, and as these blogs become popular the newspapers are getting more traffic to their websites. The article also addresses concerns the newspaper industry has about liability, sourcing standards, editing, monitoring, and anonymous posts being allowed.
"A Closer Look at Why People Blog"
Article: "I'm Blogging This: A Closer Look at Why People Blog" by Bonnie A. Nardi, Daine J. Schiano, Michelle Gumbrecht and Luke Swartz. Introduces blogging, gives a history of blogging and discusses blogging software, practices, why people blog, blogs as journals, blogs as commentary, blogs to build community, photoware, and group blogs.
"The Case of GNOME"
Blog: "The Case of GNOME" by Andy Oram—an editor at O'Reilly Media specializing in open source technologies. Discusses using communities to generate and improve online documentation, multiple approaches for different audiences, flexible approaches to conveying information, and accommodating customization.
"Community Generated Content"
Blog: "Community Generated Content" by Matt Klawitter, director of the Notre Dame Web Group and the Office of Web Communications and Support. Discusses community generated content as the hottest marketing trend on the web, that the most popular sites for sharing content are the video sites (YouTube, Flickr, iFilm and Ma.gnolia), and that there are more devices (e.g., video cell phones) capable of uploading and downloading the content.

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