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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Community Generated Content: Books
Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places, August 2001, by Derek M. Powazek. Discusses the building and maintaining of web-based communities, selecting content, web site design, setting up rules, hosting, and moderating.

Communities Dominate Brands, March 2005, by Tomi T. Ahonen and Alan Moore. Discusses bloggers, gamers and Gen-C, digital convergence, mobile cultures, online music, emerging virtual economy, blogging, branding losing its power, emergence of community, how communities dominate brands and more.

The Wisdom of Crowds, August 2005, by James Surowiecki. Discusses the history of predictions made by groups, how the diversity of a group affects predictions made by the group, imitation, information cascades, and how groups can be made to work.

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