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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Community Generated Content: Marketing and Monetizing Opportunities
"On the Road to Engagement"
Sample Chapter: "On the Road to Engagement" from Communities Dominate Brands, March 2005, by Tomi T. Ahonen and Alan Moore. Discusses how online communities are changing how companies market, promote, and sell goods and services; how we are moving from the networked age to the connected age, where people have access to peers online; how traditional advertising, branding and marketing are affected; and how online communities are creating new opportunities.
"Marketing in the Digital Age",0,w
"Marketing in the Digital Age" with Dave Fish, CEO of IMN and Cinny Little, Executive VP of Digital Influence Group, discussing marketing in the Web 2.0 era, how marketing has changed since the Web 1.0 era, what social marketing means, how a company might use community generated content, and who owns community generated content.
"Monetizing Citizen Media"
Article: "Monetizing Citizen Media" by Michael Snyder. Discusses a new service at YouTube called "Brand Channels," where sponsors can advertise on a specific video. The service was first used when Fox TV advertised one of their shows on the Paris Hilton video for her new album. YouTube is also selling video advertising space on its main page. The article also discusses how other online content sites are making the most of their advertising space to generate revenue.

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Update :: November 21, 2019