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Community Generated Content: The Wisdom of the Crowds
"The Wisdom of Crowds" Wiki
Wikipedia's definition of "The Wisdom of Crowds" discusses types of crowd wisdom (cognition, coordination, and cooperation), elements required to form a wise crowd (diversity of opinion, independence, decentralization, and aggregation), failures of crowd intelligence, perspectives and applications.
"Techies Hot on Concept of 'Wisdom of Crowds'"
Article: "Techies Hot on Concept of 'Wisdom of Crowds'" But it Has Some Pitfalls," by Kevin Maney. Discusses what the wisdom of the crowds (WOC) is, how the Internet provides a new mechanism to get a wider base of opinions, how Internet users can manipulate voting sites (e.g., Digg), how sites such as Google use WOC to determine the best sites to recommend, and other uses such as determining how well a movie will do starring a particular actor or actress.
Sample Chapter: "Introduction" The Wisdom of Crowds, August 2005, by James Surowiecki. Discusses some history on the wisdom of the crowds, how groups of people are often smarter than the smartest person in the group, and how the wisdom of the crowds is used by companies such as Google.

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Update :: November 21, 2019