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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Community Generated Content: Video Sharing
C-SPAN: ViewFinder
C-SPAN: ViewFinder allows users to submit a video on the site's current topic. Users can view a video on the current topic, then submit a response video which may be selected to be shown on the C-SPAN program.
iFilm is an online video site owned by Viacom, and is part of the MTV Network. Site users can upload their videos and view movie clips, music videos, video game trailers, etc. The home page lists the most recently added videos, IFILM Channels (listed by category), and additional site links.
JumpCut is a video sharing community that allows you to share your videos and use other JumpCut users' media in your own movies.
ClipShack is a community for video sharing. Users can post videos for anyone to see, restrict the videos to a select group, post videos to their blogs, provide feedback to each other, and more. The service is free; subscribers can pay a monthly fee for the ability to upload high-resolution videos.
Sharkle allows users to post and share video clips worldwide. You can create communities with friends and family to share videos amongst yourselves, or make the videos available to everyone. Users can critique other videos and comment on each video.
GoFish is a free Internet video sharing service. Post and tag your own videos or video blogs (vlogs) and check out what other GoFish members have posted. You can search for videos by recent posts, popularity, highest rated, category, tags, keywords, video titles and member name. Add videos to your blogs, email videos to your friends, rate videos from other members and more.
Vimeo is a site for sharing videos. Post your own clips or check videos from other users and tag your favorite videos, and check out the videos that Vimeo users recommend. An activity log keeps track of the latest events on the site, including recently posted videos, recently tagged videos and more.
YouTube is a video sharing site. Users can share their videos, watch other member's videos, join groups with similar interests, create play lists, subscribe to other members' videos, save favorites, integrate videos on web sites, and elect to make their videos public or private. You can also integrate your videos on other sites (like your personal blog) using the YouTube APIs. Video categories include arts and animation, autos and vehicles, comedy, entertainment, music, news and blogs, people, pets and animals, science and technology, sports, travel and places, and video games. The Channels tab shows the most popular videos, how many people viewed the video and how many subscribed to it. The Videos tab shows you the most viewed videos of the current day and tells you when it was added, who added it, the number of times it has been viewed, the number of viewers who rated the video and the video's rating (1-5 stars).

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Update :: November 21, 2019