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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Introduction to Community Generated Content
"Managing Content Newsletter";jsessionid=U2RXFYYBXBB1IQSNDLPSKH0CJUNN2JVN
Free Subscription: "Managing Content Newsletter" is a weekly newsletter dedicated to content and collaboration products and strategies. Recent topics include: "Is government ready for Web 2.0?" and "Collaborating with Documents." Additional channels include content management, enterprise applications and application management.
"What is the 1% Rule?",,1823959,00.html
Article: "What is the 1% Rule?" by Charles Arthur gives some interesting statistics about community generated content sites (such as YouTube and Wikipedia). Discusses the current "rule of thumb"—group of 100 people, one will create content, 10 will interact with the content, and 89 will view the content.
"Cover Story: Power to the People",9171,1569526,00.html
Article: "Cover Story: Power to the People" by Lev Grossman for Time Magazine. Profiles 15 people's use of the Internet, including Lonelygirl15 (YouTube's most viewed video)—a fictional video diary; a blogger who helped bring down a US Congressman for sexual misconduct; a young photographer who, through Flickr, is letting the world see his country (Pakistan) in another light (not political); a young Facebook user who uses her web page to keep her friends (all 708 of them) posted on what she is doing (including being photographed for Time Magazine); a military blogger (one of over 1,200 service people who maintain blogs) who recounts his daily work in Iraq; a young campaign worker whose video of Senator George Allen received wide attention (including the national news stations) on YouTube; a video podcast called the "Crash Test Kitchen"—a husband and wife cooking show that solicits cooking and marital advice from their viewers; a retired librarian and avid reader who has posted the most book reviews on Amazon (12,896); a popular blogger in China who makes fun of art, culture and politics and receives 12,000 visitors per day; the most popular user of MySpace (with 1.5 million friends) and whose profile has been viewed over 50 million times; two college students whose lip-syncing on YouTube has been viewed by more than 17 million people; a young rapper from France, who with the help of a friend posted a video online—it was posted by others on YouTube, and and resulted in getting the rapper a recording contract; Wikipedia's largest contributor (he has over 3000 entries); a Korean site, OhMyNews, where all the news stories come from bloggers (about 47,000); and the creator of FireFox, the Internet search engine, that debuted in October, had two million downloads in 24 hours, and currently gets about seven million new users per month.
"Person of the Year: You",8816,1569514,00.html
Article: "Person of the Year: You" by Lev Grossman. Discusses the choice of Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2006, crediting Internet users for their impact on global media via blogs, Internet video, and social networking sites, and Web 2.0's innovations that made this possible.

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