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Google Base Resource Center
Google Automat
"AdWords Classifieds for Google Base"
Article entitled “Google Automat—AdWords Classifieds for Google Base” discusses how Google Automat might become the classified advertising program for Google Base. According to the US patent filing, Google Automat is a “system and method for providing on-line user-assisted Web-based advertising.” The program will help you create creative advertising copy and create a hyperlink to the product.
"Google Makes Massive Push into Content"
Article entitled “Google makes massive push into content: Users can upload almost anything and have it instantly accessible online.” The article addresses the conjecture about Google Automat and Google’s plans for an online payment system.
The New Google Blog
The New Google Blog includes information about Google’s patent application for Google Automat.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: December 06, 2019