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Google Base Resource Center
Google Base Listings
"People Profile" Entries
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “people profiles.” This is a tremendous new social networking site. You can search people profiles based on gender, marital status, age, location, employer, occupation and more. You could use this for anything from dating to finding new friends in your city to networking with others in your industry or at a company where you hope to work. People are already posting profiles with pictures.
Vehicle Entries
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “vehicles.” Refine your search by model, year new or used, color and more. This new service will allow Google Base to compete directly with eBay automotive sales by allowing anyone selling their car to reach a massive audience through Google. The Google Base service is free—you do not pay Google to post the ad nor do you pay a percentage of the sale.
Job Entries
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “jobs.” You can refine your search by employers, industry or job function.
Events and Activities Entries
Listing of all Google Base entries labeled “events and activities.” At the top of the results page, you can specify a location and you can select a date or a date range. The Google Base will then list all the posted events and activities in that area on the specified date(s), and a map marking the exact location of each. Click on the balloons on the map to see the event details including title, address and contact information. Click on the title of the event to go to the Google Base page for the event.
Google Base Submissions
Google Base is in beta but is already accepting submissions in numerous categories including Blogs, coupons, course schedules, events, jobs, news, vehicles, wanted ads, comic books, recipes and more.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: December 06, 2019