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Google Base Resource Center
Google Base in the Blogosphere
ZDNet Blog
The author of this blog on ZDNet discusses some of the APIs he’d like to see for Google Base, such as ATOM feeds or a way to tie-in Google Base and Google Maps. (Check out our Mash-ups Resource Center.)
“Poking at Google Base”
Blog entry entitled “Poking at Google Base” discusses the current status of the service and questions how it might be used, or abused, as it develops. One concern raised in the entry is how the use of the tagging tools could be abused. Another question the author has is how Google will handle any copyright issues and if they will actively pursue complaints.
“Google Base is Live”
PC World blog entry entitled “Google Base is Live” discusses how the service is not yet a threat to eBay or as some have predicted.
Google Base Announcement
Announcement of Google Base posted on the official Google Blog. It provides examples of some of the companies and organizations using the Google Base service. For example, is using Google Base to reach students and parents searching for information about colleges and universities, and the World Resources Institute is using Google Base to distribute information about climate change and other environmental issues.
Google Base Blogs
This CNET page includes quotes about Google Base from a few of the popular tech blogs.

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Update :: December 06, 2019