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Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Resource Center


Google Web Toolkit Widgets, Plugins, and Tools
Autocompleter GWT Widget
Check out the code for this Autocompleter GWT widget.
Canvas Widget
Download the Canvas widget and learn how to use it in your GWT classes.
Download and contribute to the GWT-Components—a collection of GWT extensions.
GWT Addons
Download the GWT Addons including a rich text editor and more.
Download the SpringGWT for use in client-side application development using the GWT.
Project Dune Quality Support System
Download the Project Dune Quality Support System, built with the Google Web Toolkit and other technologies.
Java Applet Web Server (AppletServer)
Download the Java Applet Web Server (AppletServer). Use the GWT and allows you to run Java applets on the server-side and automatically generate AJAX for the browser.
Google Web Toolkit Hacks
Download the Google Web Toolkit Hacks. Includes widgets, plugins, AJAX applets and games based on the GWT.
Download the Openfount Google Web Toolkit. Features include XML classes, SOAP classes, crypto classes, Base64 classes, Amazon S3 classes, Amazon Simple Queue Service classes, and SOAP classes for the Openfount Queued Server.
IntelliJ IDEA Studio Plugin
Download the GWT Studio plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Site includes a demo, a description of the GWT Studio and a walkthrough of its features.
Eclipse GWT Plugin
Download the Eclipse GWT plugin.
Googlipse is an Eclipse plugin for the Google Web Toolkit. Find downloads, documentation, a FAQ and more.
GWT Widget Library
Check out the GWT Widget Library. Includes widgets, utilities and wrappers. Also find demos, a source reference and more.
Open Source Widgets
Collection of open source Google Web Toolkit widgets.
Google Web Toolkit Widget Gallery
Google Web Toolkit's Widget Gallery. Here you will find widgets for a normal button, a radio button, a check box, text box, password text box, text area, hyperlink, list box, menu bar , tree, table, tab bar, dialog box, popup panel, stack panel, horizontal panel, vertical panel, flow panel, dock panel, and tab panel.

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Update :: January 17, 2020