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Joost Reviews
The Venice Project: The Future of Web TV
Article: "Sneak Preview of The Venice Project: The Future of Web TV," on WebTVWire (December 21, 2006). Discusses the good points (video quality, channels, minimal advertising, user interface, etc.) , bad points (video playback, bandwidth issues, and some user interface features) and what is in store for the future of Joost. Includes several screenshots.
Walkthrough of The Venice Project
Blog entry: "The Venice Project," by Mikael Svärdh (January 7, 2007). Provides a walkthrough of the "The Venice Project" (Joost) BETA version 0.7.2, including setting up an account, creating channels and more. The author provides his initial thoughts about the application.
Inside The Venice Project & Exclusive Screen Shots
Blog entry: "Inside The Venice Project & Exclusive Screen Shots," by Om Malik for GigaOM (December 21, 2006). The author provides a brief tour of The Venice Project (now called Joost) and a review of some of its features. Om notes the quick and easy download process, the clarity of the video, ease of setting up custom channels and the social features (in particular, the chat feature). Some of the problems Om notes are the lack of live broadcasts at the moment (the only content available is the content stored on the Joost servers), and delays in switching between channels and menu options.
The Venice Project
Blog entry: "The Venice Project" by Robert Accettura (January 8, 2007). Provides a brief review of Joost (The Venice Project) based on the author's test-drive of the service. In particular, he was impressed with the quality of the video and user interface, but noted that the lack of content currently available may hinder its success.

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