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Location-Based Services Resource Center

Location-Based Services Articles
Spatial Location-Based Services
"Spatial Location-Based Services," by Kenji Takahashi. Discusses the location-based services market, commercial offerings, location-based service providers, opportunities for use of location information, a location service scenario, a location-based search service and current issues (scalability, closed architecture and flexibility).
Location Based Search
"Location-Based Search and the Internet," from K-praxis. Discusses location-based search and the Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), the definition of location-based search, the scope of location-based search, the search term and geographic location.
Geotagging Web Pages and RSS Feeds
"Geotagging Web Pages and RSS Feeds," by Andrew Turner. Discusses reasons for geotagging, geotagging a website, geotagging an RSS feed, what to do with geotags and the future of geotags.
J2ME and Location-Based Services
"J2ME and Location-Based Services," by Qusay H. Mahmoud. Discusses what location-based services do, determining the device's location, the location API for J2ME, landmarks, security, privacy and guidelines.

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Update :: January 17, 2020