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Location-Based Services Resource Center

Location-Based Services Conferences
Where 2.0 Conference Resources
The Where 2.0 Conference resources on the O’Reilly site include links to articles, press coverage of the conference and weblogs from presenters, companies and attendees. Topics include the latest mapping technologies, the how and who of where, the disruptive technology question, tracking the hackers, hacking maps, open source geospatial tools, design approach for the geospatial web, drawing with Google Earth and a GPS, the benefits of open source, Google Maps on Rails and urban mapping and the role of design in mapping.
Location Intelligence Conference
The Location Intelligence Conference 2008 will be held in Santa Clara, CA April 28-30, 2008. The conference covers enabling technologies for geospatical solutions and some of the topics include business GIS basics, emerging trends, technology issues, web services, open-source technologies and LBS-related topics.
Where 2.0 2007 Conference Site
The home page for the O’Reilly Where 2.0 2007 Conference provides links to dozens of webcasts from conference participants and to the conference presentations. Topics include platforms for real world virtual world interaction, a look at MapQuest users, economics of mashups, intelligent design of the earth operating system and mapping matters: propositions on places, data and subjectivity. A link is provided to sign up for the 2008 Where Conference.

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