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Location-Based Services Resource Center

Location-Based Services Tools and Downloads
The uLocate Platform
The uLocate Mobile Application Platform (MAP) is a mobile gateway for hand-held device GPS systems, network-based triangulation, cell-tower location and non-carrier location. Features include standardized mobile API for location, mapping, local search, historical location management, geo-fencing and personal locations, proximity alerts and a multimedia gateway.
Location-Based Search Navigation Tool
Loki is a free location-based search and navigation tool. Features include local search (e.g., find the closest book store), find me (pinpoints your exact location on a map), local channels (helps inform websites where your are), Loki mobile and Loki for Mac users. Additional links provide information on how Loki works, downloads and community.
Location Based Mobile Dating
MeerMoi is a free location-based mobile dating service. Users text their locations and receive profiles of singles in their area with whom they can text message and meet. Searches are conducted for women seeking men, men seeking women, women seeking women and men seeking men. Users can also stipulate the distance anywhere from one mile to 100 miles.

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Update :: December 06, 2019