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Location-Based Services Resource Center

Location-Based Services Webcasts
Understand the Competitive Wireless Landscape
“Communications: Understand the Competitive Wireless Landscape,” presented by Ron Dodson, a senior product manager. This one hour webcast discusses how Mapinfo’s communications data provides a competitive edge in today’s market and how location intelligence can help plan and manage inventory and predict and make decisions.
Here and Now: Location-Based Search
"Here and Now: Location-Based Search," with Rhonda Wickham, Editor-in-Chief, Wireless Week. This webcast seminar discusses the challenges associated with location-based search, what the enabling technologies are for smart location-based search, the various forms of location-based search delivery, the factors that could affect location-based search such as voice, single-key activation and location-based advertising) and what operators need to deliver personalized location-based relevant information.

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Update :: January 17, 2020