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Mashups Resource Center


Mashup Directories
Mashups Using Google Maps
Lists numerous mashups that use Google Maps. Examples include Google Maps mashups with US hotels, public transit information, UK news and more.
List of Mashups
If you do not want to use the preceding matrix tool, this page lists all of the mashups from the matrix and several others.
Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix Tool
Really cool Web 2.0 Mashup matrix tool with links to loads of mashups. For each of the sites listed, find the mashups that have been created with the other sites in the matrix. For example, to find all of the mashups using Blogger, place the mouse pointer on Blogger and then move the pointer across the matrix to the right. You'll find links to each of the related Blogger mashups, plus a list of all of the other APIs used to create each mashup.

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Update :: September 19, 2019