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Popular Mashups
Use Elicit to create content and post it to your blog from anywhere and at any time. It works with several popular blogging tools including Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, MovableType and others. It also helps you monetize your blogs with Amazon (books, etc.) and Chitika (online advertising) affiliate programs.
Amazon Light
Amazon Light uses's Web Services API in combination with other APIs to enhance your Amazon shopping experience. It allows you to easily add items to your wish list, put the link to a book into your blog on Blogger, add a link to your bookmarks or even look for the book in your local library.
Event Locations
Uses Yahoo! Maps and event listings to show you the location of events (by date) in a geographical area.
Combines Yahoo! and Google search results into one page.
Combines Google Maps and FlickR photosharing capabilites. Use it to find photos of sites across the US.
Install this tool on your system. When it senses that you are browsing a book online, the tool will pop up on your screen and allow you to quickly search online retailers to find the best price on the book.
San Francisco Public Restrooms
Google Maps mashup that shows you the location of public restrooms in San Francisco. Click on the balloons on the map to get the address, a rating and comments about each bathroom!  
Microsoft’s Virtual Earth mapping combined with FlickR photo-sharing. Allows users to store and browse photos by geographic location.
Find the approximate value of your home based on recent home sales in your area. Uses Google Maps to show you the location of the other homes in your area that have sold recently and the price at which the properties sold. (Currently available for the Seattle, WA area.)
A mashup of Google Maps and craigslist real estate rental and sales listings helps you find the location of available apartments and homes by neighborhood. Click on the balloons on the map and you’ll find the price of the apartment or home, pictures, the address and rental-agent contact information.
A mashup of Google Maps and real estate listings helps you find the location of properties for sale. The service is currently available for Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.
Uses Google Maps to show you the location of the various theaters in New York City and the shows that are playing at each theater; links you to details about the show, ticket information and subway directions.

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Update :: September 19, 2019