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Microformats Resource Center


Introduction to Microformats
Visit to learn more about microformats. Includes an overview of microformats, upcoming events, a blog, a wiki, discussion forums, and news. Also includes an extensive Microformats wiki with detailed entries for each microformat.
Wikipedia Entry for Microformats
Wikipedia entry for Microformats provides a brief introduction to microformats. Topics include loosely coupled semantics, specific microformats and uses of microformats. Microformats discussed include:
  • hCalendar for events.
  • hCard for contact information.
  • hReview (spec) for reviews.
  • hResume for resumes.
  • rel-directory (spec) for distributed directory creation and inclusion.
  • rel-pavatar (spec) a decentralized mechanism for assigning avatars to homepage owners.
  • rel-nofollow, an attempt to discourage 3rd party content spam (e.g. comment spam).
  • rel-tag (spec) for decentralized tagging (Folksonomy).
  • xFolk (spec) for tagged links.
  • XFN for social relationships.
  • XOXO for lists and outlines.

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Update :: November 21, 2019