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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats Articles
Separate Data and Formatting with Microformats
Article: "Separate Data and Formatting with Microformats: Create Simple, Pragmatic Formats for the Semantic Web," by Jack D Herrington, Senior Software Engineer at Leverage Software Inc. (July 2006). Discusses how to read and write the new microformats for the Web. Topics include pros and cons, reading microformats, creating hCalendar items from XML, and more.
The Big Picture on Microformats
Article: "The Big Picture on Microformats," by John Allsopp, founder of Westciv. Discusses how microformats are currently used, and their future prospects. Topics include development, publishing, aggregators, hCard maps mashups and more.
Microformats and Web 2.0
Article: "Microformats and Web 2.0," by Micah Dubinko, Senior Research Developer at Yahoo. Discusses the use of microformats in Web 2.0 applications and services. Topics include microformats community and process, influence on the web, microformat annoyances, and things to watch.
What Are Microformats
Article: "What Are Microformats," by Micah Dubinko, Senior Research Developer at Yahoo. Lists what microformats are and are not, discusses an XOXO fragment, an Examl fragment, and contains links to free downloads and references.
Microformats Primer
Article: "Microformats Primer," by Garrett Dimon. Topics include an example of microformats and why to use them (standards, CSS convenience, plug-and-play JavaScript, machine-readable, implicit metadata vs. explicit metadata, and meaningful markup).

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