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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats Blogs
Microformats Are More than RSS
Blog entry: "Microformats Are More than RSS." Discusses some of the popular microformats hitting the web such as podcasts and structured blogging. Also discusses some possible future microformats including bitmap slide shows with captions or soundtracks and linked video series.
Drew McLellan of Yahoo! Europe in London
Personal blog of Drew McLellan of Yahoo! Europe in London. Includes multiple postings about microformats including "Can Microformats be Validated," "Microformats, Tools and Upcoming Events," "The Dangers of Automatically Generating hCards," and more.
Tantek Çelik, Expert in Microformats
Tantek Çelik, Senior Technologist at Technorati, is an expert in microformats. Check out his personal blog for entries about microformats, hReview, hCard, hCalendar, XOXO, GMPG, XFN 1.1 and XMDP (XHTML Meta Data Profiles).
We Now Support Microformats
Blog entry: We Now Support Microformats," from the Yahoo! Local and Maps blog. Announcement that Yahoo! Local now supports the hCalendar, hCard, and hReview microformats on most business listings, search results, events and reviews.
Pairing Wine and Microformats
Blog entry: "Pairing Wine and Microformats," from the SimpleBits blog (June 10, 2006). Discusses implementing three microformats on a wine review site: hCard (for member profiles), hReview (for wine reviews and note) and rel-tag (to tag links). Also discusses how the author used CSS to style the markup.
Using Microformats in Wordpress
Blog entry: "Using Microformats in Wordpress," (September 2006), provides step-by-step instructions to manually paste relevant microformat code from microformat creators into your Wordpress blog. Microformats discussed include hCalendar, hCard, hResume and hReview Creator.
Intro to Microformats
Blog entry: "Intro to Microformats," (July 2006) by Nick Nettleton, co-founder of Plum Digital Media. Discusses the importance of microformats and how they could prove to be even more important than AJAX and as significant as web services. Provides a walkthrough of microformats including header-style tagging, creating news HTML tags, and the hCard Creator.
Highlight Microformats with CSS
Blog entry: "Highlight Microformats with CSS," by John Hicks of Hicksdesign. Shows you how to use CSS to highlight microformats in Camino, Safari and Omniweb. An example is available for download. Posting includes feedback from the readers.
Microformatique is an unofficial microformats blog from John Allsopp, founder of Westciv. Discusses the latest news and developments, quotes from experts, events, presentations, publications and more. Includes links to other related blogs and resources.
Official Blog
The official blog with multiple contributors. Includes the latest news, developments and announcements about microformats. Find links to podcasts, articles, conferences, presentations, ebooks, events and more.

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