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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats Tools and Downloads
Microformats Tools
Find service-based microformats tools available for download including:
  • hAtom to Atom—an XSLT stylesheet for transforming hAtom to Atom.
  • hCard n best-guess—codes the best-guess algorithm suggested for ambiguous name components.
  • hKit parser—hKit microformat parser.
  • rel-lint XFN and rel-tag validator/lint tool—checks for XFN values, flags values it doesn't recognize and displays the tag values for rel-tagged links.
Microformats Source Code and Tools
Download the source code for the various microformats, plus related tools and software packages including:
  • hCard creator—an interface for representing people, companies and organizations, and places in semantic XHTML.
  • hCalendar creator—an interface for calendaring and events.
  • hReview creator—a Web-based interface for embedding reviews of anything (products, services, etc.) in XHTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML.
  • XFN creator—a Web-based interface for quickly creating a link with the proper XFN values. Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Japanese.
  • WordPress—open-source blogging software that allows you to include XFN annotations to links.
  • Autoxfn—adds XFN tags to your links.
  •—blog site allows you to include relationship tags for people in your blogroll.
  • MetaFilter—community blog site that allows you to add XFN information in your links to other users
  • JournalSpace—a free blogging site that allows you to add XFN information to your Friends links.
  • exefen—a tool for adding XFN values to your links.
  • Nvu—a web authoring system for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.
Download the Bookmarklet, a microformat that allows you to select and save individual contacts or events. Includes instructions for usage, the logic behind Bookmarklet and the known issues. Also includes users feedback.

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Update :: November 21, 2019