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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats Tutorials, Webcasts and Presentations
Add Microformats Magic to Your Site
Tutorial: "Add Microformats Magic to Your Site: Heard of the Semantic Web? Using Microformats Everyone Can Contribute to the Richness of the Web," by John Allsopp, founder of Westciv (August 25th, 2006). Topics include the open source effect, an introduction to microformats, who is using microformats, and how to use microformats. Includes code examples.
Microformats: Web of Data
Presentation: "Microformats: Web of Data," by Brian Suda. Discusses the different microformats and how to use them on your site to allow the movement of your information around the web (RSS feeds, ATOM feeds, blog postings and more).
Converting XHTML to vCards and iCalendars
Presentation: "Microformats: converting XHTML to vCards and iCalendars," (May 24th, 2006). Discusses using microformats to embed data in your XHTML files. Also discusses X2V, a set of XSLT files that use XPATH to extract data from an XHTML document and convert it into vCards and iCalendars.

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