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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats and RDF (Resource Description Framework)
Extracting RDF Data from XML Documents
W3C working draft: "GRDDL Use Cases: Scenarios of Extracting RDF Data from XML Documents." Topics include an introduction, scheduling, a health care example, aggregating data, querying sites and digital libraries, wikis and e-learning, the extraction of transport semantics from an online form used to edit blog entries, and XML schema specifying a transformation. Includes a glossary.
Microformats FAQs for RDF Fans
Microformats FAQs for RDF fans. Topics include an introduction to microformats, examples, why people using RDF should use microformats, using an RDF vocabulary as a microformat, namespaces for the attributes, naming clashes, getting the data out and more.

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Update :: November 21, 2019