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Microformats Resource Center
Microformats Implementation Wiki
List of microformats applications, plugins, source code, services and tools including Apple, Blinksale, Firefox, Dreamweaver, Flickr, Google search, hCalendar Creator, hCard Creator, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Salesforce, Technorati, Wordpress, Yahoo Search and more. Lists organizations and developers that support microformats.
About Microformats
Visit the About Microformats page for a brief introduction to microformats. Provides bullets lists that describe exactly what microformats are, what they are not, and microformat principles. Includes a diagram that shows how they work.
Introduction to Microformat Wiki
Introduction to microformat wiki. Topics include an introduction to microformats, why you should use them, and the appeal to simplicity. Includes links to articles, FAQs, podcasts, suggested reading, testimonials and presentations.
Microformats Wiki
Visit the microformats wiki for all of the details about microformats, the specifications and more. Topics include getting started, definition of microformats, how to contribute, specifications, drafts, design patterns, exploratory discussions, examples, tools and test cases, additional research, shared work areas, and more. Also find microformats wikis in other languages.
Visit to learn more about microformats. Includes an overview of microformats, upcoming events, a blog, a wiki, discussion forums and news. Includes an extensive Microformats wiki with detailed entries for each microformat.

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Update :: November 21, 2019