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Recommended Systems Resource Center


Designing and Building Recommender Systems
"A Web-based Conversational Case-Based..."
Paper: "A Web-based Conversational Case-Based Recommender System for Ontology-aided Metadata Discovery," by Mehmet S. Aktas, Marlon Pierce and Geoffrey C. Fox of Community Grids Labs at Indiana University, and David Leake from the Computer Science Department at Indiana University. Discusses the development of a recommender system for metadata discovery. The recommender system uses Conversational Case-Based Reasoning (CCBR) with Semantic Web markup languages.
"Building a Lifestyle Recommender System"
Article: "Building a Lifestyle Recommender System" by Supiya Ujjin and Peter J. Bentley of the University College London. Discusses current recommender systems (including MovieLens, LIBRA and Dooyoo), building a lifestyle recommender system, and consumer interaction.
"Interaction Design for Recommender Systems"
Whitepaper: "Interaction Design for Recommender Systems" by Kirsten Swearingham and Rashmi Sinha. Discusses what user needs recommender systems satisfy, interface analysis of book and movie recommender systems, interface analysis of music recommender systems, interaction design for recommender systems, input into the system, how many items to rate, the kind of rating process, filtering by genre, output from the system, ease of getting more recommendations, information about recommended items, what makes good recommender systems, advantages and disadvantages of familiar recommendations, system transparency, an analysis of interaction style of two recommender systems, and helping users explore their tastes.

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Update :: December 13, 2019