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Recommended Systems Resource Center


Recommender Systems Conferences
Recommenders06 Blog
Recommenders06 Blog discusses recommendation systems and The Present and Future of Recommender Systems ‘06 meeting that took place in Spain in September 2006.Topics include attacks, direction, evaluation, infrastructure, long tail, music recommendations, personalization, scalability services recommendations, video recommendations and more. Visit this blog for announcements about Recommenders07.
International ACM SIGIR Conference
The 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference
July 23-27 2007
The ACM SIGIR conference presents new research and demos of the latest systems and techniques in information retrieval. Visit the site for the latest updates. For information about past conferences, to sign up for the conference newsletter and more, visit
IUI 2007
IUI 2007 (International Conference of Intelligent User Interfaces)
January 28-31 2007
Includes session on advanced topics in recommendation. Topics include recommendation for groups of users, recommenders and the social web, recommendations of coherent sets of items, recommendations concerning sequences of actions, question-asking in recommenders, exploitation of the user’s episodic memory, and security and recommenders.

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