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Recommended Systems Resource Center


Recommender Systems Tools
Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT)
The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) is a free, open source application that includes a recommender system, a metadata editor, user agents that notify users of new information, keyword and fielded search engines, forums, resource quality ratings, resource annotations by users and support for multiple dynamic user interfaces. Site includes downloads, a demo, screenshots, FAQs and more. is a free, open source recommender framework built in C# and ASP.NET that can be used for setting up personalized environments on websites. It allows applications to be personalized and lets users receive recommendations.
Recommender-CRM Personalization Engine

Recommender-CRM Personalization Engine is a free, open source recommender system that allows you can use on your site that will make personalized product recommendations to your site visitors based on their specific interests and needs. Site includes a forum where you can communicate with other users and the developer.
Duine Toolkit
Duine Toolkit (open source and free) allows users to develop predictor engines for recommender systems. The toolkit contains a set prediction techniques, ways to combine these techniques, a profile manager and allows users to add their own techniques to the toolkit.
CoFE (the COllaborative Filtering Engine)
Download the latest version of CoFE (the COllaborative Filtering Engine)--a recommendation engine for collaborative filtering. Developed by the Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) research group at Oregon State University, CoFE is a free, open source server for the Java platform that anyone can use to set up a recommendation system. Features include individual items recommendations, top-N recommendations across all items, top-N recommendations based on one type of item. Site includes downloads, documentation, papers, support, news and more.

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Update :: December 13, 2019