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“Ideals to Spark Ideas”
Video: “Ideals to Spark Ideas” presentation by “marketing medic” John Moore of the Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice. Recorded at the March, 2007 meeting of the Social Media Club in Austin, Texas, the presentation describes four social media marketing (SMM) “ideals” for businesses considering social media as a communications method, including: “Be everywhere your customers expect you to be;” “Social media helps small companies look big and big companies look small;” “Don’t attempt to leverage social media if you lack the confidence to receive criticism;” and “If you hide the truth, someone will find the truth.”
The Social Media Revolution Part 1
Video: Part one (1:00) of the “Web 2.0 Expo: The Social Media Revolution” series on YouTube features digital media expert Thomas Hawk’s presentation on “photoblogging,” or enhancing the message of a blog post with photos or images, with social photo websites such as ZoomR and FlickR.
The Social Media Revolution Part 2
Video: Part two (2:38) of the “Web 2.0 Expo: The Social Media Revolution” series on YouTube features Internet entrepreneur Chris Pirillo discussing the power of the Internet as a global communications tool and the implications of a new, uncontrollable medium for the traditional news and public relations industries.
The Social Media Revolution Part 3
Video: Part three (4:54) of the “Web 2.0 Expo: The Social Media Revolution” series on YouTube shows a panel discussion about the viral potential of ideas distributed on the Internet through channels such as chat rooms, social networks, and other online communities, including the spread of news and images into mainstream media.
The Social Media Revolution Part 4
Video: Part four (3:16) of the “Web 2.0 Expo: The Social Media Revolution” series on YouTube features Chris Pirillo of discussing the incorporation of live video services into social media as a means of further enhancing the connectivity of the web.
Online Press Release Podcast
Podcast: 30-minute discussion between PRWeb CEO David McInnis, online marketing expert and The New Rules of PR author David Meerman Scott, and copywriting expert Brian Clark of Addresses the new role of the online press release as a means of direct communication with the end user, and the resulting effect on traditional media, along with the importance of properly optimizing PR for search engine findability and incorporating “trackbacks” that allow for the tracking of backlinks to a public relations release.
“Transitional Chaos for Media”
Podcast: “An Impending Period of Transitional Chaos for Media,” by On the Media co-host Bob Garfield (All Things Considered, April, 2005). Discusses the collapse of the traditional media marketing model based upon an increasing lack of return for advertisers, and predicts a rough transition to democratized micro-media formats (such as videologs and podcasts) due to the lack of a substantive marketing model, historical instances of turbulent democratization such as the political situation in Yugoslavia, and scenarios in which there will be an infinite supply of free but useless media content.
“Will it Blend? $50 Gets Six Million Hits”
Podcast: “Will it Blend? $50 Gets Six Million Hits in Five Days,” from social media organization Rocky Mountain Voices, discusses the extremely successful “Will it Blend?” viral videos with creator and Blendtec Marketing Director George Wright. Includes links to several of the videos on YouTube.

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