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Social Media Club
The Social Media Club is a community website for those interested in contributing to or learn about the progress of the social media phenomenon. The website includes lists of projects, events and geographical mailing lists, along with a wiki where the community can contribute to a working definition of social media.
“What is Social Media? No, really, WTF?”
Blog entry: “What is Social Media? No, really, WTF?” from Chris Heuer of the Social Media Club. Offers an initial draft of a formal “Social Media” definition that describes the “Three Cs” of social media as Context, Communications and Collaboration, and proposes a collaborative effort by the Social Media Club community to enhance and complete the definition.
“What is Social Media?” Wiki

“What is Social Media?” entry in the Social Media Club Wiki. Based on Chris Heuer’s post to the Social Media Club blog entitled, “What is Social Media? No, really, WTF?,” the definition focuses on the impact of social media on communication and interaction, rather than the specific online tools and services that have come to represent the movement.

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Update :: December 13, 2019